Plastic Encapsulated Coil
Plastic Encapsulated Coil

The low-power consumption solenoid valve is our patented product. Production of the valve involves several key techniques including: coil winding, assembly, encapsulation and testing. The entire manufacturing process is carried out in our factory for the purpose of quality control. These six numerically controlled winding machines can provide a quick, automated solution for winding the enameled copper wire. These two vertical injection molding machines can complete the injection molding of 8 valve shells every 3 minutes. Electrical property testing is conducted on each and every coil under rigorous conditions and strict supervision of our quality control professionals to ensure the highest level of quality.

High-Speed CNC Automatic Winding Machine

    The low-power consumption solenoid valve is our in-house developed product. We utilize 6 numerically controlled winding machines that can provide a quick, automated and precision solution for winding each coil.

    Averagely, every one of the automatic winding machines can accomplish the winding of 2 coils in one minute.

Coil Assembly

    Coil assembly workshop

    Assembling the plastic encapsulated coil

Injection Molding Machine

    Two vertical injection molding machines are used to complete the injection molding of 8 valve shells every 3 minutes.

Electrical Property Testing

    Electrical property testing is carried out on the low-power consumption solenoid valve. Every one of the solenoid coil must undergo a comprehensive range of tests. Tested items include but not limited to resistance, current, power, voltage and the number of windings, which ensures the highest quality of our products.

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